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CD-DACompact Disc - Digital Audio
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Like CD-DA, CD-I will be interchangeable with other CD-I systems and backwardly compatible with CD-DA and CD-ROM (i.
In addition, SimpliCD includes full MP3 support, with the ability to decode and play MP3 files, and bum MP3 files to CD in CD-DA or MP3 format.
The USB CDRW-428 model can record data or audio tracks on blank CD-R discs in less than 20 minutes, write and rewrite on CD-RW discs and read CD discs in all major formats, including CD-ROM, CD-DA and CD-I.
Everyone is family iar with CD-DA (compact disc-digital audio), sold in record stores since its introduction in 1982.
Playback formats include DVD video, CD, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, DVCD, SVCD, CD-DA, CD-R/RW, MP3 and Kodak(R) Picture CD.
0: 480 Mbit/s max -- Random Access Time: 140 ms (CD-ROM), 135 ms (DVD-ROM) -- Buffer Memory: 8 MB -- Buffer Under-run Error Protection Technology: Sony Power-Burn conformed -- Compatible Disc Formats: DVD-ROM, DVD-Video, DVD+R DL, DVD+RW, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD-R, CD-ROM, CD-DA, Video CD, Photo CD (multi-session), CD TEXT, CD Extra, and others -- Recording Methods (CD): Disc at Once, Track at Once, Session at Once, Packet Writing(DVD): Random Access Write (DVD+RW/DVD-RW/CD-RW), Sequential Write (DVD+R/+RW, DVD-R/-RW/CD-R/RW) -- Dimensions: 164 x 66 x 234 mm (H x W x L)