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CD-RCompact Disk - Recordable
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Yu has shown in a recent paper in Analytical Chemistry (73:4743, 2001), that removing the outer polymer coating from CD-Rs permits their use as substrates for the preparation of SAMs.
This allows automated retrieval of recorded DVD-R volumes in networked environments with a six to seven-fold increase in storage density as compared with CD-R technology.
We have integrated a very small and uncomplicated recording wizard directly on the CD-R or DVD.
6, newly released in May 2003, offers protection for both CD-ROMs and HexaLock CD-RX, a special copy protectable CD-R.
in an easy-to-use camera for Americans who use the 260 million CD or CD-R
Microtech's CD-R and DVD-R publishing and duplication systems have always incorporated the latest offerings from our OEM partners.