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CD-ROMCompact Disk - Read Only Memory
CD-ROMCrazed Ducati-Riders of Massachusetts (motorcycle club)
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1, 95 NT, 4MB application RAM, 12MB hard disk space available, CD-ROM drive
With the proliferation of multi-media capable personnal computers (PCs), and taking from the lead of security assistance training coordinators such as Sean O'Hara from ODC Singapore and Jaya Arasan from SAG Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), DSCA decided that a generic briefing could be produced on CD-ROM and made available to all SAOs and IMSOs dealing with international military students.
This Interactive CD-ROM, narrated by talk show host Montel Williams, celebrates the contributions African Americans have made in aviation.
Emblematic exhibitions described in Karel Porteman's book and available page by page in the accompanying CD-ROM were once displayed on the "open days" of the Jesuit College in Brussels, fastened to tapestries or draperies in the inner courtyard.
The CD-ROM, due out this fall, is for Windows 95; no price set yet.
Part II explores the steps to be taken after obtaining CD-ROM search results, including analyzing the initial results, modifying the search request for any necessary follow-up search, determining when to conclude the research and documenting the results.
Industry projections forecast CD-ROM drive installations to exceed 6 million by year end and grow to 18 million by 1997, and the size of the CD-ROM software market is projected to grow to over $5 billion by 1997," said Danny Wettreich, chairman and chief executive officer of Camelot.
A single CD-ROM holds 550 megabytes of information, the equivalent of 270,000 pages of text, which is more than the entire Encyclopedia Britannica, or 450 high-density floppy discs.
The CD-ROM, Mitgang said, will help anyone overcome the shortcomings of secondary research that may be tainted by subjectivity.
Current CD-ROM tax vendors include (alphabetically): CCH Inc.
We are delighted to celebrate this milestone in digital media manufacturing -- the production of the 50 millionth CD-ROM disc at DADC," Mr.
Many manufacturers are now using CD-ROM to supply software.