CD-SEMCritical Dimension - Scanning Electron Microscopy
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Opal manufactures OperatorFree(TM), fully automated CD-SEM systems for advanced semiconductor fabs throughout the world.
These customers have a greater need for tighter CD production control, which is difficult to achieve using manual or semi-automated CD-SEM tools.
The interface Brion and HHT are developing will allow OPC "hot spots" detected by Brion's Tachyon lithography design verification products to be measured and monitored by HHT's DesignGauge CD-SEM metrology system.
Nasdaq: OPAL) announced that Siemens AG in Germany recently ordered four OPAL 7830i OperatorFree(TM) CD-SEMs -- Opal's third generation CD- SEM, for their $1.
It is fully integrated into the Advantest CD-SEM system, which enables mask shops to access the benefits of GPU-accelerated wafer plane analysis without adding costly iterations with a standalone optical system.
Traditional CD-SEM systems lack the sensitivity to measure small variations in line and contact hole profiles.
Advantest's E3600 series of CD-SEM measurement systems is already in use by multiple leading semiconductor and photomask manufacturers.
The system can make sharpness measurements on static, collected images or in real-time live mode, thus enabling users to easily adjust and align a CD-SEM or laboratory microscope to optimize performance.
CD-SEM utility with double patterning (poster session)
Nanolithography system consisting of Electron Beam Exposure System and CD-SEM electron beam exposure system - equipment for the exposure of electron beam resists at wafer level for MEMS / NEMS and nanoelectronics.
Moreover, this strategy can decrease the amount of scanner, track and CD-SEM tool time diverted to running feasibility experiments, freeing the EUV cell for integration and testing or the optical lithography cell for additional production runs.