CD-SEMCritical Dimension - Scanning Electron Microscopy
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Semiconductor manufacturers require CD-SEM measurement systems to measure the critical dimension of the miniature-sized circuits in a semiconductor and to assure accuracy in manufacturing, Advantest said.
Traditional CD-SEM systems lack the sensitivity to measure small variations in line and contact hole profiles.
Advantest's E3600 series of CD-SEM measurement systems is already in use by multiple leading semiconductor and photomask manufacturers.
Hybrid metrology is related to the reference CD metrology feedback loop in conventional CD metrology process control that is mostly done by CD-SEM and scatterometry in fabs.
Nanolithography system consisting of Electron Beam Exposure System and CD-SEM electron beam exposure system - equipment for the exposure of electron beam resists at wafer level for MEMS / NEMS and nanoelectronics.
Unlike established CD-SEM technology, which can measure line widths but has limited ability to measure profiles, the optical CD technology enabled by AcuShape is well-suited for measuring both line widths and profiles of 3D features.
This award is Intel's highest honor for its suppliers, acknowledging extraordinary commitment to quality and exceptional performance for providing etchers, CD-SEM and defect inspection tools deemed essential to Intel's success.
Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation supplies etchers, CD-SEM and defect inspection tools
Tuesday, February 24: CD-SEM parameter influence on image resolution and measurement accuracy - will show experimental SEM resolution results, including influences of many different parameters such as SEM focus and stigmation, filter, and threshold levels.
The company is recognized for its efforts supplying Intel with etchers, CD-SEM and defect inspection tools.
SEMATECH and ISMI engineers will report their progress on some of the most critical determiners of lithographic manufacturability - such as defect-free EUV mask blanks, defect-free reticle handling, resist outgassing procedures, projection-quality high index lens materials, generation 3 high-index fluids, and techniques in scatterometry, CD-SEM metrology, and process control.
Technologies such as CD-SEM and scatterometry are precise, but not accurate enough, causing significant measurement issues.