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CD1Congressional District 1 (various states)
CD1Cluster of Differentiation 1
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However, too often preoccupied with lifeless, robotic techno beats, it fails to continue the standard set by CD1.
We equilibrated samples of blood and plasma from humans and several laboratory rodents (HbA and HbS subjects; Fischer-344, Wistar, and Sprague-Dawley rats; CD1 mice; and Hartley guinea pigs) in air-tight vials with benzene in air or with benzene in arterial-like or venous-like gas mixtures at concentrations of 80 and 400 ppm, similar to those of Midzenski et al.
CD1 gives us solo Borstlap, and takes in Herbie Hancock's Dolphin Dance and a Chopin scherzo as well as Memory of Enchantment and a particularly intimate interpretation of Body And Soul (it's recorded in an art gallery in Gramercy Park, New York, and although the sound is not of studio quality the quality of the performance is never in doubt, conveying clearly the delight of a European jazz man in the birthplace of the music at last).
CD1 of Serious Sounds of Sonique is a real belter, packed with pumped up funky house.
A two hour plus double CD of 20 tracks (its late addition means the blistering Born To Run that closes CD1 isn't mentioned on some early edition sleeves, collector buffs
CD1 kick starts with Take That's Never Forget, the last release to feature the vocals of all five members.
CD1 is mixed by Ed Real, a DJ of diverse musical tastes who has dipped successfully into disco, techno and trance.
You will be sucked into the depths of the midnight Bedrock vibe with intricate progressiva such as Persuasion by Science Dept (Bedrock resident Danny Howells and production partner Dick Trevor) and Deep Dish favourite Morel whose anthem, True, steers CD1 towards musical nirvana.
A delineation well was drilled from the Alpine CD1 drill site during the 2001 winter drilling season.
CD1 claims to delivers big room trance, characteristic of Armin Van Buuren and Jon O'Bir, while CD2 boasts blissed out grooves.
CD1 drops you on Space's bright and breezy terrace with some cheeky chic tunes, and CD2 draws you into Space's dark inner sanctum for some hammerhead trance.
CD1 -- the "Hits" disc -- features; Listen To What The Man Said, Band On The Run, Another Day, Live And Let Die, Jet, My Love, Silly Love Songs, Pipes Of Peace, C Moon, Hi Hi Hi, Let 'Em In, Goodnight Tonight, Junior's Farm (DJ edit), Mull Of Kintyre, Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey, With A Little Luck (DJ edit), Coming Up and No More Lonely Nights.