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CD15Cluster of Differentiation 15
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3-5,7) In the present case the HRS cells were CD30+, CD20+, CD79a+ but CD15 was negative as may occur in these lymphomas.
No expression of CD15 and CD30 in Reed- Sternberg-like and histiocyte-like cells and the expression of CD68 and Mac387 in these cells helped us to distinguish T/HRBCL from Hodgkin's lymphoma.
The immunohistochemistry staining results showed these cells to be CD30+ (strong and diffuse); CD15 and PAX5 were positive in a few of these cells.
We assayed the correlation between gene expression levels of VEGF-A or VEGF-C and expression of antigens CD2, CD3, CD4, CD7, CD10, CD11b, CD13, CD14, CD15, CD19, CD20, CD22, CD33, CD34, CD38, CD45, HLA-DR, TdT, and glycophorin A; no significant correlations were found.
T cells were magnetically labelled by a cocktail of biotin-conjugated antibodies against CD8, CD14, CD15, CD16, CD19, CD25, CD34, CD36, CD45RO, CD56, CD123, TCR[gamma]/[delta], HLA-DR, CD235a (Glycophorine A) and anti-biotin micro-beads.
Histologic specimens obtained at surgery were fixed in 10% formalin, routinely processed and embedded in paraffin All specimens were evaluated immunohistochemically with antibodies calretinin, vimentin, CK5/6, MOC31, CD15 and CEA using staining procedures.
while they were negative to CD15, CD30, CD45RO, CD43, CD23, CD21, CK116, PLAP, ALK, HMB45, EMA, CD20, CD79a, Cyclin Di, lysosim, actin and desmin.
Cells appear negative for CD34, CD19, CD20, CD3, CD2, CD14, CD15.
La inmunohistoquimica del ganglio cervical hallo CD3 (-), CD15 ( + /-), CD20(-), CD30 (+ + +), CD 45 (-), antigeno de membrana especial-EMA (-), quinasa 1 del linfoma anaplasico ALK-1 (-), fraccion de crecimiento tisular-KI67 (>30%), panqueratina (-), antigeno comun linfocitario-ACL (-).
2, CD15, CD30, CD117, desmin, and S100 protein, confirming the findings of pleiomorphic high grade undifferentiated sarcoma observed on biopsy.
Ademas la linea granulocitica mostro expresion para los marcadores CD15, CD16, MPO, CD33 y CD71, marcadores expresados principalmente desde el estadio madurativo de promielocito (Tabla 6) (2).