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CD50Curative Dose
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FITC PE PE-Cy5 APC 1 [kappa] CD34 CD62L CD38 2 [kappa] CD14 CD44 CD38 3 [kappa] CD126 HLA-DR CD38 4 [kappa] CD117 CD128 CD38 5 [kappa] CD11b CD38 CD3 6 [kappa] CD184 CD38 CD19 7 [kappa] CD45ro CD38 CD10 8 [kappa] CD31 CD38 CD54 9 [kappa] CD50 CD38 CD49d 10 [kappa] CD130 CD38 CD44 11 [kappa] CD56 CD38 CD20 12 [lambda] CD34 CD62L CD38 13 [lambda] CD14 CD44 CD38 14 [lambda] CD126 HLA-DR CD38 15 [lambda] CD117 CD128 CD38 16 [lambda] CD11b CD38 CD3 17 [lambda] CD184 CD38 CD19 18 [lambda] CD45ro CD38 CD10 19 [lambda] CD31 CD38 CD54 20 [lambda] CD50 CD38 CD49d 21 [lambda] CD130 CD38 CD44 22 [lambda] CD56 CD38 CD20 Abbreviations: APC, allophycocyanin; FITC, fluorescein isothiocyanate; PE, phycoerythrin; PE-Cy5, phycoerythrin-Cy5.
Also on display were new products from Creek including the new CD50 CD player at $1,195 and the Music Hall MMF-CD 25, which at $599 is one of the best CD player values on the market.