CDABCommunity Development Advisory Board (various locations)
CDABChild Development Abstracts & Bibliography
CDABCentral District Athletic Board (Ohio High School Athletic Association)
CDABCambridge Dictionary of American Biography (Cambridge University Press)
CDABCampus Diversity Advisory Board (est. 2005)
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A: Brookside B: Home and Away C: Coronation Street D: Emmerdale Farm ANS: CDAB.
Intervention and rapid diagnosis in the case of HAI is performed with general diagnostic products such as VITEK[R] 2 for identification and susceptibility testing, agglutination tests, with more specific products dedicated to the identification of micro-organisms responsible for HAIs such as VIDAS[R] CDAB for the detection of Clostridium difficile, based on toxin detection.
If the two-letter words are denoted by AB and CD, one must find three four-letter words with the patterns ABCD or CDAB, ACBD or CADB, and ACDB or CABD.