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CDACCentre for Development of Advanced Computing (India)
CDACCommission Départementale d'Aménagement Commercial (French: County Commission for Commercial Development)
CDACChinese Development Assistance Council (Singapore)
CDACCommunity Development Advisory Committee
CDACClinical Data Abstraction Center
CDACColorado District Attorney's Council
CDACCertified Drug and Alcohol Counselor
CDACCarleton Disability Awareness Centre (Carleton University, Canada)
CDACCommunity Drug and Alcohol Council
CDACCalifornia Date Administrative Committee
CDACCSP to DMS Addressing Component
CDACComposite Design and Analysis Code
CDACConstruction Development Advisory Committee
CDACCorinne Dolan Alzheimer Center (Chardon, OH)
CDACCustomer Designed Alarm and Control
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Fadil Bamaleh, Secretary General of CDAC, denied any influence of political ideology over the programme set by the group.
Day 2, CDAC, Phase I 0900-0930 Prep Vehicles for Operations 0930-1030 Drive Precision Backing Course (Motor Pool) 1030-1130 Lane Change Exercise (Motor Pool) 1130-1300 Lunch / Course Set-up 1300-1330 Walk Precision Steering Course (Motor Pool) 1330-1500 Drive Precision Steering Course (Motor Pool) 1500-1530 Walk Advanced Urban Steering Course (MOUT Site) 1530-1600 Drive Advanced Urban Steering Course (slow, MOUT Site) 1600-1630 Return Vehicles to Motor Pool
Through surveys we Learned that dieticians and nutritionists were told to avoid dried fruits," said Lorrie Cooper, manager of the CDAC.
He stressed that the CDAC is an advisory council only; city departments aren't bound to their recommendations.
The CDAC Virtual Trade Show is now taking reservations for exhibitor booths, as well as targeting experts in all sectors of Commercial Design, Architecture and Construction for both keynote speakers and professional white paper submissions.
Under the contract, CSC will provide the CDAC with medical record abstraction, data entry, sampling, coding and validation of diagnosis-related groups to support the CMS.
While CDAC staff believed that the rise in negotiated financings could be explained by these events, the continued hegemony of negotiated underwriting vis-a-vis its public sale counterpart could not.
The flexibility of the CDAC design, in response to both patient care and the specific requirements of the research, makes this center particularly suited to carrying out empirical studies on environmental influences.
Visit the CDAC webpage for information on its members and meeting agenda.
Records failing CDAC screening were forwarded to the QIO in the jurisdiction where the discharge occurred.
CDAC consists of both data and images, and electronically certifies that a closed loan package complies with the lender's closing instructions.
After months of protests, letter writing, Freedom of Information Act filings and monthly speeches before the zoo's governing trust, CDAC had cause to celebrate when the trust voted unanimously to return the remaining Atlantic bottle-nosed dolphins and three sea lions to Marine Animal Productions of Gulfport, Mississippi.