CDADClostridium Difficile-Associated Diarrhea
CDADCommunity Development Advocates of Detroit (Detroit, MI)
CDADComponent Data Administrator
CDADClinically Diagnosed Alzheimer's Disease (neurology)
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This rate was determined by the resolution of diarrhoea (less than or equal to three unformed bowel movements per days for at least two consecutive days) as well as the lack of further need for CDAD therapy on study treatment and maintained for two days after the end of study treatment.
The conventional medical treatment for CDAD is, you guessed it, another antibiotic.
CDAD was diagnosed in cases with diarrhoea that were confirmed Toxin A positive.
However, information about CDAD is scarce in Korea.
One systematic review found increased risk of CDAD in patients taking cephalosporins, penicillin, or clindamycin (TABLE 1).
CDAD is not a reportable medical event in Louisiana; however, it has been considered as a reemerging infectious disease.
1) Nosocomial CDAD is almost always associated with antimicrobial use.
The women developed signs of severe CDAD 3 to 60 days after receiving antibiotics; the median was 5 days.
difficile infection, which makes it difficult to accurately compare the epidemiology of CDAD over time and place (6).
But this study was a multicenter trial and documented the largest number of pediatric CDAD cases reported--4,895 cases among children under age 18 years, they said.
Furthermore, and most importantly, the length of stay of hospitalised patients with CDAD is prolonged.