CDADClostridium Difficile-Associated Diarrhea
CDADCommunity Development Advocates of Detroit (Detroit, MI)
CDADComponent Data Administrator
CDADClinically Diagnosed Alzheimer's Disease (neurology)
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The conventional medical treatment for CDAD is, you guessed it, another antibiotic.
CDAD was diagnosed in cases with diarrhoea that were confirmed Toxin A positive.
This institution had experienced an apparent increase in CDAD cases over a 2-year period (years 2001-2003) with no defined cause, although a correlation with a formulary change from levofloxacin to moxifloxacin had been postulated.
difficile infection, which makes it difficult to accurately compare the epidemiology of CDAD over time and place (6).
Hospitals and long term care facilities have the highest rates of CDAD, and this complication is often endemic or even epidemic in these facilities.
The antimicrobials least associated with CDAD are aminoglycosides, co-trimoxazole, benzyl penicillin and ureido or piperacil penicillins.
She said they were not aware of deaths from CDAD in Inverness.
We are starting to turn the corner with CDAD, and our low MRSA rates speak for themselves.
Hospital discharges for which CDAD was listed as any diagnosis doubled between 2000 and 2003 (Emerg.
It warned: "Patients with CDAD are nursed in side rooms to minimise the spread, as diarrhoea can often be unexpected and explosive", shedding C.
The aim of this study was to assess whether chronic renal insufficiency is a risk factor for CDAD and whether it increases mortality and morbidity.