CDAICrohn's Disease Activity Index
CDAIConference of Defence Associations Institute (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
CDAICervantes Digital Archive of Images (Department of Hispanic Studies; Texas Agricultural and Mechanical University; College Station, TX)
CDAIConsumer Deposit Account Information (banking)
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The use of the CDAI means that disease features of PsA such as enthesitis, psoriasis, and dactylitis were not captured in the assessment of LDA.
KEYWORDS: CDAI, Disease activity, DMARDs, Rheumatoid arthritis.
CDAI stands for Crohn's Disease Activity Index and is a measure for evaluating the disease activity of Crohn's disease.
RAPID3, an index to assess and monitor patients with rheumatoid arthritis, without formal joint counts: similar results to DAS28 and CDAI in clinical trials and clinical care.
A dependent means t-test was used to analyze the pre- and post-test composite scores from the CDAI to determine whether there were significant changes in the preservice teachers' cultural awareness over the course of the semester ([alpha]=.
Significant improvements in other measures were seen, however, including a rise in the use of CDAI measures from 52% to 84%, a rise in TB testing for those on a biologic from 83% to 93%, an increase in yearly influenza vaccination from 59% to 75%, and a rise in pneumococcal vaccination from 59% to 72%.
Thus, 28 items have listed for the psychometric screening by the experts to ensure the feasibility of an adapted CDAI in the present study.
The mean CDAI score improved from 230 at baseline to 118 (p < 0.
Relapse was defined as registering a Crohn's disease activity index (CDAI) higher than 220 points on follow-up; registering a CDAI between 150 and 220 with an increase of at least 70 points over the baseline value; or requiring a surgical procedure or medical treatment specifically for CD.
Of the preliminary results we found a better statistically difference between groups, at D0 and M3, in delta CDAI (p<0,0001), delta EVA QoL (p<0,014) and delta HAQ (p<0,012) among all the variables studed.