CDAMCatalogue des Actes Médicaux
CDAMCentre for Discrete and Applicable Mathematics (London School of Economics and Political Science; London, England, UK)
CDAMCriminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan
CDAMComputational, Discrete and Applicable Mathematics (UK project)
CDAMCombat Damage Assessment Model
CDAMCalifornia Defense Adjustment Matching (grant program)
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Competent counsel is the most important line of defense against wrongful convictions," said Martin Tieber, president of CDAM.
The project will use the CDAM 2000-1X technology at a frequency of 825-830 Mhz covering Base Subscriber Station (BSS) in Surabaya totaling 25,000 lines and 10 BTS, in Denpasar 10,000 line units with 4 BTS and in Balikpapan 5,000 line units with 2 BTS.
fibra bruta CDAPB (%) CDAEB (%) CDAMS (%) CDAEE (%) 5 90,03a 81,77a 77,31a 96,03a 7 89,80a 79,41a 74,29a 94,95a 9 88,87a 72,09ab 66,35ab 94,97a 11 83,89b 59,77bc 51,57bc 91,64b 13 82,78bc 46,07c 36,01c 88,33c 15 78,87c 46,36c 40,61c 89,50bc CV 3,43 14,12 19,02 1,75 (1) Medias seguidas de mesma letra na coluna nao diferem entre si pelo teste de Duncan (p < 0,05).