CDAPCommunity Development Assistance Program (HUD)
CDAPCenter for Drug and Alcohol Programs
CDAPCaspian Development Advisory Panel
CDAPCentre for the Development of Autism Practice (UK)
CDAPCassini Data Analysis Program (NASA)
CDAPComputer Defense Assistance Program
CDAPChemical Data Acquisition Plan
CDAPChronic Disease Assistance Program (Trinidad and Tobago)
CDAPCarl Duisberg Association of the Philippines
CDAPCommon Display Architecture Processing System
CDAPComputer Defense Assessment Program
CDAPCivil Damage Assessment Program
CDAPcareer development aviator program
CDAPContinuous Distending Airway Pressure
CDAPCommander Directed Augmentee Program
CDAPConstant Descent Approach Procedures (aviation)
CDAPChambersburg Drumline and Percussion
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Introduced in September, CDAPs provide a "baseline" of where children are when they enter primary school and help inform how far a child is making progress through the Foundation Phase.
As a CDAP partner, Systems Alliance is authorized to sell Sun hardware and development software to commercial software developers at significant discounts.
w "When the CDAP was being rolled out, we worked through its frustrations with practitioners from day to day.
The principal investigator for the study is Scientific Director of the MUSC Alcohol Research Center and Director of CDAP, Dr.
CDAP was established in January 2003 by Lord John Browne, BP's Group Chief Executive, as an independent, external advisory body to provide BP with objective advice on the economic, environmental, and social impacts of the BTC pipeline and other related BP activities in Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Turkey.
Charter partners in the CDAP are NIIT, Epic Learning, Purple Monkey Studios, Inc.
Taken individually, each of these is in principle a good idea which ASCL Cymru members agree with and support but - as the Government discovered with the infamous CDAP initiative for assessing children at entry to the Foundation stage, change involves the risk of failure despite the best laid plans.
Rather than targeting payments for low yields that could be covered with crop insurance, CDAP would provide greater assistance to crop insurance participants impacted by crop losses as high as 60 percent.
The additional $315,000 for the first phase of the project was provided by a 1996 CDAP grant and $198,000 as a matching dollars contribution by Consumers.
The CDAP debacle last autumn demonstrates that those assurances were worthless and points to a systemic failure within the Department for Education and Skills (DfES).