CDATCommunity Drug Action Team
CDATClimate Data Analysis Tool
CDATCharacter Data
CDATCoastWatch Data Analysis Tool
CDATChild Disability Assessment Tool
CDATComputerized Dumb-Ass Tanker
CDATCanadian Dental Aptitude Test
CDATCisco Distributed Administration Tool
CDATCan-Do Attitude Test
CDATChannel District Action Team (California)
CDATCollaborative Data Analysis Toolsuite
CDATCore Data Analysis Toolkit (UK)
CDATConfiguration Dependent Analysis Tools
CDATConsent Decree Action Teams
CDATColorado Drug and Alcohol Testing
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The relationship between students' accuracy scores in identifying impossible figures and their drawing abilities judged by two visual artists on their performance in two CDAT drawing tasks was examined in relation to age and general spatial ability.
The house and the running-person drawing tasks adapted from CDAT were used in this study.
In addition to these self-report data, students also completed two 15-minute drawing tasks based on the CDAT tasks of drawing a house and a running person.
Moreover, for the two CDAT drawing tasks employed in this study, the scoring did not follow the standardized procedure.
002 *** Dependent variable: CDAT; method, binary probit; 301 sample observations; 191 CDAT = observations; 110 CDAT = 1 observation; Mean CDAT = 0.
Recovered alcoholic Chris joined fellow former alcoholic John Lewis, 55, and former drug addict Tracey Alderman, 33, to describe how CDAT helped them claw back their lives from the grip of dependency.
They were praised by Yaina Samuels, a co-ordinator at addiction support charity NewLink Wales, which works with CDAT.