CDB-3Cytoplasmic Domain of Band 3 Protein
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Among sixteen, eight bacterial isolates on chlorpyrifos enriched sample were named as CDB-1, CDB-2, CDB-3, CDB-4, CDB-5, CDB-6, CDB-7 and CDB-8 isolates and remaining eight different bacterial isolates were named as PDB-1, PDB-2, PDB-3, PDB-4, PDB-5, PDB-6, PDB7 and PDB-8 isolates on phorate enriched sample.
CDB-6 CDB-3 colonies showed yellowish green pigmentation, while CDB-5, CDB-1 were white irregular, CDB-7, CDB-8, CDB-2, CDB-4, were dull white irregular type of colonies on nutrient agar medium plates.