CDBLCentral Depository Bangladesh Limited
CDBLCentral Depository Bangladesh, Ltd.
CDBLCharDon Builders of Lawton (Lawton, OK)
CDBLCentral District Baseball League (Illinois)
CDBLCapital District Business Leaders (Albany, NY)
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The analysis shows that approximately 50-60 per cent of terms that make up the CDBL are of non-Slavic origin.
All the entries in the CDBL are arranged in alphabetical order taking no notice of spaces between words, hyphens or capital letters.
If the definitions of particular term given by different experts are incoherent, contextual or axiomatic, the definition in the CDBL is normally followed by the name of the expert and/or reference to the source from which it was borrowed.
Since the CDBL is intended primarily for students and teachers concerned with logistics problems great care has been taken to formulate a system of fundamental concepts avoiding an axiomatic approach where possible and eliminating undefinable and semantically fuzzy concepts.
The examples of definitions of fundamental concepts from the CDBL (in English translation) are given next.
The CDBL includes a number of entries relating to inventory control.
Most of the terms used in Figure 2 are defined as separate entries in the CDBL.
The CDBL defines loghisticheskiy kanal (logistical channel) as a partially ordered set of original supplier A, carrier(s), intermediary(ies) and customer B.
Loghisticheskaya tsep (logistical chain) is treated in the CDBL as a well-ordered subset of the original set (i.
The descriptive English equivalent of this term given in the CDBL reads: "Centralised rationed distribution of scarce raw materials among legal persons".
The expected rating of 'A+(EXP)' on the proposed notes issued by CDBL Funding 1 in October 2017 is underpinned by our expectation of an extremely high level of support from CDB Leasing and CDBALF, with the benefit of a guarantee from CDBALF and the keepwell structure and asset repurchase agreement provided by CDB Leasing.
The rating on CDBL Funding 1's guaranteed notes is directly correlated with significant changes in the willingness or ability of CDB Leasing and CDB to support CDBALF, if required.