CDBMCertificate in Database Management (University of Maryland University College)
CDBMCondition Based Maintenance
CDBMCooked Dried Blood Meal (pig feed)
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The following three different laminates of ProDeck 8 are: 1) CDBM 3415 (multi-directional fabric laminate with orientation and stacking sequence [0[degrees]/45[degrees]/-45[degrees]/CSM]) 2) CDB400 (bi-directional fabric laminate of [45[degrees]/-45[degrees]]) and 3) continuous strand roving.
For ProDeck 4, the low profile rectangular deck module was also designed with fiber volume fraction (~50%) and three different laminates: 1) CDBM 3415 [0[degrees]/45[degrees]/-45[degrees]/ CSM]; 2) DDBM 4015 (multi-directional fabric laminate [45[degrees]/90[degrees]/-45[degrees]/CSM]); 3) continuous strand roving.
CDBM Gain Score by Group Treatment Comparison CDBM Receptive Gain Score 6.