CDCCComplement Dependent Cellular Cytotoxicity
CDCCChild and Dependent Care Credit
CDCCCanadian Derivatives Clearing Corporation
CDCCCaribbean Development and Cooperation Committee
CDCCChild Day Care Center (division of Child Day Care Licensing and regulatory services)
CDCCCentre de Documentation sur le Cinéma Chinois (French: Chinese Cinema Documentation Center)
CDCCCanadian Deaf Curling Championships
CDCCConseil de Coopération Culturelle (French: Council for Cultural Co-Operation; est. 1961)
CDCCConstitution Debate Coordinating Committee
CDCCCommunity Development Conservation Committees (Nepal)
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8) Informacion del CDCC obtenida del empalme de las bases de datos del SISBEN (Sistema de Identificacion y Clasificacion de potenciales beneficiarios de los programas sociales) y del SICA (Sistema de Informacion Cafetera).
However, while these actions may seem like inadvertent omissions, though they are fundamentally fatal, a closer look at the composition of the CDCC reflects that the actions of the military cannot be excused as sheer inadvertence.
Thermo Fisher provided the CDCC with a range of high precision and performance Thermo Scientific instrumentation, including two DFS Sector Field GC/MS systems, a DELTA V isotope ratio mass spectrometer and four triple-quadrupole TSQ Quantum Access LC/MS systems.
The results obtained from the protein chip were later compared with those obtained by GC-MS at CDCC.
He consulted with the JTF-South staff judge advocate (SJA) and the 16th Military Police Brigade commander, then chose the US-controlled Empire Range Training Complex as the site for the CDCC.
The course itself is based on experimental work conducted by students with the assistance of both their regular teachers who are present in the classroom or laboratory and a distant mentor based at the CDCC in Sao Carlos.
Para la decada siguiente, el CDCC habia incorporado como "miembros asociados" a varios territorios no independientes: las Antillas Neerlandesas, las Islas Virgenes Britanicas y las de los Estados Unidos.