CDCFCahier des Charges Fonctionnel (French: Functional Specifications)
CDCFCommunity Development Carbon Fund
CdCFConseil du Commerce de France (France)
CDCFCatholic Diocese of Cleveland Foundation
CDCFCumulative Discounted Cash Flow
cDCFConventional Dispersion Compensated Fiber
CDCFCommander, Disaster Control Force
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stating that the CDCF was established in 2003); CARBON
The emphasis within the CDCF will be on renewable energy, energy efficiency, solid waste to energy conversion, and agroforestry projects, with significant and measurable community development benefits.
Barbara Gubbins, head of CDCF, said: "We are delighted to welcome Alderman the Lord Mountevans to County Durham and highlight some of the projects we have been able to support through our donor funds.
To perform high-precision CDCF grinding successfully, several essentials must be satisfied.
For CDCF to be feasible, smart CNC technology is mandatory to direct and control the various axial motions.
PHOTO : Demands on the CDCF grinder include high rigidity, high horsepower, precisionspindle,
To help sort out this grinding controversy, I talked with two leading CDCF suppliers in this country (there are only three and they are all based in Europe) and with the man who started it all, Dr.
The key CDCF markets in the US are turbine blade and vane production.
So far, everyone in turbine-blade CDCF is using their encapsulation equipment.
The speed of CDCF demands automation, even from the smaller, job-shop-type users, Bard feels.
Jane Robson has taken up the newly created position of development manager at CDCF and is looking forward to her establishing herself in her new role which is part of the senior management team.
Mr Elliott, who is vice president of CDCF, introduced Localgiving.