CDCLConflict Driven Clause Learning
CDCLCollective Dynamics and Control Lab (University of Maryland; College Park, MD)
CDCLComplement Dependent Cell Lysis
CDCLcommand document capability list
CDCLCalComp Device Control Language (computing)
CDCLCommand Document Compensation List (ITU-T)
CDCLConstitutively Dead, Conditionally Live (HIV genomes; vaccination)
CDCLCalgary District Cricket League (Canada)
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CDCL is a unique Business Developer and professional consulting services provider that delivers business solutions to its clients.
The merger/capital stock exchange with CDCL would put additional assets on the consolidated books of BUGS and provide a valuable stock distribution to our shareholders," stated Robert C.
In figure 2 we present the CDCL architecture of a typical worker.
Assessing the quality of a clause with respect to its local impact is difficult and a generalization of the clause deletion problem in modern CDCL solvers.
Much of the ongoing research in parallel SAT is focused on parallelizing existing algorithms and implementations, many of them based on CDCL solvers.