CDCPCenter for Disease Control and Prevention
CDCPCertified Data Center Professional
CDCPCentral Data Collection Point
CDCPCollege of Design, Construction and Planning (University of Florida)
CDCPCall Data Collection Point
CDCPCustomer Data Control Panel
CDCPCentralny Depozitar Cennych Papierov (Central Securities Depository of the Slovak Republic)
CDCPComplete Drunx and Chaos Punx (Swedish punk band)
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The CDCP is expected to receive confirmed parallel financing from USAID, whereas Italy and the Department For International Development are in the process of formalising their contributions to the programme, the Daily Times reports.
Abbreviations: AMA = American Medical Association, CDCP = Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CFS = chronic fatigue syndrome, CFS-APQ = CFS Activities and Participation Questionnaire, HR = heart rate, ICC = intraclass correlation coefficient, K-S = Kolmogorov-Smirnov (goodness-of-fit test), RER = respiratory exchange ratio, VC[O.
Obesity-related health problems among American adults cost about $75 billion in 2003, according to CDCP figures provided by UAMS.
CDCP director Dr James Hughes said: 'Our concerns are not to be limited to anthrax.
About 76 million people are at high risk for serious complications from influenza infections, including hospitalizations and death, according to the CDCP.
CDCP attributed the decline, in part, to the adoption of HACCP practices.
This toll is expected to triple by the year 2010 and exceed the number of annual deaths due to AIDS, according to the CDCP.
The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and CDCP recently revised the recommendations for physical activity.
This report presents findings from the CDCP analysis of data on MCO enrollees aged [is greater than or equal to] 30 years who had diabetes; the findings indicate that, although approximately three fourths of enrollees reported most preventive-care practices, two thirds had never heard the term hemoglobin "A-one-C," one fourth had not had their feet examined during the preceding year, and nearly one fifth did not receive an annual dilated-eye examination.
Recent guidelines developed by the American College of Sports Medicine and the CDCP are easily adopted by the elderly as they do not require set periods of vigorous exercise, an unachievable goal for many.
This will require a concerted effort by CDCP, NIDRR, and VA to create an integrated system that will provide a vital resource for the years to come.
The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the CDCP describe CFS as a recently defined illness characterized by debilitating fatigue and a group of other related symptoms, including headache, sore throat, low-grade fever, weakness, muscle and joint pains, lymph node pain, gastrointestinal symptoms, memory loss, and difficulty in concentrating.