CDCSSCalifornia Department of Child Support Services (Sacramento, CA)
CDCSSContinuous Digital Coded Squelch System (radio)
CDCSSCenter for Dynamics and Control of Smart Structures (Multidisciplinary University Research Initiatives Program of the Army Research Office; Harvard University, University of Maryland, and Boston University)
CDCSSCapital District Council for the Social Studies of New York State (Albany, NY)
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5 W or 3 W, Analog signaling: CTCSS, CDCSS, Shock and vibration resistance according to MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G, DMR text messages with up to 64 characters, Four programmable keys, Charging and programming via Micro-USB interface, Scan function for analog and digital channels, Versatile voice calls, such as individual call, group call and broadcast call in digital channels, Protection against dust and water as per degree of protection IP54.
According to the CDCSS, there are four primary factors creating child- support arrearages in California: "high child support orders established for low-income obligors"; "a limited number of child support orders adjusted downward"; "establishment of retroactive child support orders"; and "accrual of 10 percent interest on child support debt.
Features include 256 channels with independently programmable CTCSS, CDCSS, Project 25 talk group, NAC and unit identification.