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CDDACompact Disc Digital Audio
CDDACompensation for Detriment Caused by Defective Administration (Australia)
CDDACanadian Diamond Drilling Association
CDDACanadian Disc Dog Association
CDDACentral District Dental Association (Florida)
CDDACompany Director's Disqualification Act (UK)
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Unlike with cassettes, with the new CDDA audio and identification standards in place, the supply chain was more easily able to source and retrieve information at every location a compact disc "lived.
Wholesale and retail prices of 15,000 imported drugs registered with the CDDA available in the local market cannot be increased without permission from the Consumer Affairs Authority (C), he said.
Sonuc olarak, poliuri ve hipernatremi gelisen CDDA erken dogmus yenidoganlarda merkezi diabetes insipidus ihtimali dusunulmeli, bu durumun arka hipofizdeki kanamaya ikincil ve gecici olabilecegi, tedavide intranazal desmopresin asetatin etkili oldugu akilda tutulmalidir.
Yontem: Calismaya 35 CDDA bebegin (<1500 gr) annesi, 35 dusuk dogumagirlikli (DDA) bebegin (1500-2500 gr) annesi ve 35 zamaninda dogan sagliklibebegin (>2500 gr) annesi olmak uzere toplam 105 bebek ve annesi alinmistir.
CDDA olan bebeklerde enteral beslenmenin gecikmesi veya ara verilmesinin gastrointestinal motilitenin ve hormonal sekresyonun inhibisyonuna ve gastrointestinal adaptasyonun bozulmasina yol actigi bildirilmistir (25,26,29).
He says, once the CDDA takes legal action against any pharmacy, they will also inform the medical council of it.
Yenidogan yogun bakim birimlerinin 1970'li yillarin baslangicinda kurulmasi ile CDDA bebeklerin %50 olan sagkalim orani %80'lere cikmistir (4,10,11).
On the heels of the success of the 'Quantitative Tissue Assessment' project, BioClinica and the CDDA have additional projects in the works, including the development of scalable algorithms for automated image analysis for additional therapeutic areas and unmet medical needs.
The platform is fully compatible with all DVD specifications, CDDA, Video CD and China's emerging SuperVCD format.
It includes full audio support, providing users with the ability to cache CDDA (audio), mixedmode data/audio (games), CDI (video), and CD-extra disc formats to any local or networked storage device.