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CDDBCD Database
CDDBCompact Disc Database
CDDBCentre Dramatique de Bretagne (French: Dramatic Center of Britain)
CDDBCataloging Distribution Data Processing
CDDBCentral Demand Data Bank
CDDBClimate Diagnostics Data Base (US NOAA)
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Originally following the model of CDDB, which was designed to handle pop/rock music in a now-typical artist/release/title structure, MusicBrainz has developed various iterations for handling classical music, though for the time being still shoehorns classical music into that structure.
Escient also demands exclusivity; developers who use CDDB may not use any other music database.
Formerly known as CDDB, Gracenote provides businesses with critical embedded software and metadata that enable consumers to better manage, enjoy and discover digital media.
2006 Marks a Decade since the Term MP3 Came to Define Digital Music, and the First CD was Entered into the Gracenote CDDB DatabaseCoPink Floyd's 'Dark Side of the Moon'