CDDDCustomer Desired Due Date
CDDDConstruction and Demolition Diversion Deposit
CDDDComponent Detailed Design Document
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CDDD and Toolex will develop the processes and equipment to be used by manufacturers of optical data storage devices in the production of FMD media, with the intention of facilitating the commencement of large-scale industrial production of FMD media within 18 months.
Our CDDD plan will include almost every type of complex service a carrier or other business customer might order," Strohmeyer said.
Largely, CDDD is a response to customer demand for more flexibility in BST's service order provisioning practices.
Among the services included under the CDDD plan umbrella are: voice grade services, such as foreign exchange service and off-premises extensions; private line services, such as alarms and tie lines; dial access lines and WATS lines; switched access services, including feature groups A, B and D; and channelized and non-channelized digital data services and digital data access services.
The CDDD will touch virtually every organization in our company," Strohmeyer said.