CDDGSCorn Dried Distillers Grains Plus Solubles
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The greater income in the animals fed a mixture of roasted SBM and CDDGS substituted for concentrate might relate to higher milk production compared to the control animals.
The use of CDDGS alone or in combination with medium-roasted SBM as substitute for concentrate in lactating dairy cattle diet led to improve milk production and net income over feed costs without affecting total DMI and milk composition.
Chemical composition of individual feeds Composition (% DM) Experimental feeds Concentrate (1) MR-SBM CDDGS Corn silage DM 90.
The different intakes of concentrate, roasted SBM and CDDGS were results of roasted SBM and CDDGS replacements for concentrate in the study; however, DM intake was non significantly higher in the treatment animals over the control animals with respect to corn silage and total DM intake which expressed as kg/d, g/kg LW and g/kg [LW.