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CDECCommission Départementale d'Equipement Commercial (French: Departmental Committee of Commercial Equipment)
CDECCorporation de Développement Économique Communautaire
CDECCombined Document Exploitation Center (US military during Vietnam War)
CDECCivil Defence Executive Committee (Singapore)
CDECCenter for Design of Educational Computing (Carnegie Mellon)
CDECCombat Development Experimentation Command
CDECCommunity District Education Council
CDECCombat Developments Experimentation Center
CDECControlling Device for Engine Control
CDECCalifornia Data Exchange Center
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The solution installed by CDEC is a highly useable immersive style system.
The discussion was structured around four axes corresponding to four stages defined in collaboration with experts from CDECs, namely: (1) Arrival to Quebec and job search; (2) Disillusionment and desperation; (3) Consideration of other alternatives (to employment); and (4) Decision to start a business.
The CDEC mobilized local actors and residents against this project.
Evil Geniuses won the series 3-1 over CDEC, who had previously knocked them into the loser's bracket.
The project has been developed in collaboration with internationally recognised experts in big data and transport systems and mobility management from CDEC and TSC.
Only the city centre and a middle class borough situated in the eastern part of the municipality were not served by a CDEC.
CDEC is the nation's premier provider of IRC Section 1031 Like-Kind Exchange (LKE) services.
5 Cents SALES & REVENUE Electricity Revenues Distribution Company Clients 22,019,123 41,540 21,805,298 41,137 Industrial Clients 33,521,604 63,240 33,418,801 63,046 CDEC Energy Transfers 3,722,016 7,022 3,315,683 6,255 Total Electricity Revenues 59,262,743 111,802 58,539,782 110,438 Sales (MWh) Distribution Company Clients 792,274 724,544 Industrial Clients 1,258,543 1,249,511 CDEC Energy Transfers 384,554 363,453 2,435,372 2,337,508 Average Price per kWh Distribution Company Clients Ch$27.
0 Cents SALES & REVENUE Electricity Revenues Distribution Company Clients 16,490,122 31,006 16,156,705 30,379 Industrial Clients 24,487,354 46,044 25,126,713 47,246 CDEC Energy Transfers 3,217,202 6,049 2,853,835 5,366 Total Electricity Revenues 44,194,678 83,099 44,137,253 82,991 Sales (MWh) Distribution Company Clients 586,840 540,578 Industrial Clients 937,099 933,041 CDEC Energy Transfers 315,821 332,976 1,839,760 1,806,594 Average Price per kWh Distribution Company Clients Ch$28.
We are very pleased that Mark has joined our team," said Mary Cunningham, president of CDEC.
He has opened a CDEC regional office in New York City.
2 cents SALES & REVENUE Revenues Electricity Sales 57,056,318 120,777 50,995,433 107,947 Transmission & Other Sales 4,922,797 10,421 1,430,538 3,028 Total Revenues 61,979,115 131,198 52,425,971 110,976 Sales (MWh) Distribution Company Clients 724,543 680,289 Industrial Clients 1,249,512 1,118,694 CDEC (Grid) 363,453 0 Total Sales 2,337,508 1,798,983 Average Price per kWh Ch$24.