CDEDCanadian Digital Elevation Data
CDEDCentre for Distance Education (Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada)
CDEDChronic Dry Eye Disease
CDEDCommon Desktop Environment Developers (Unix)
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CDED is caused when the body's lacrimal system (responsible for making tears and keeping a healthy "tear film" on the eyes) fails to produce tears containing the proper amount of moisture, lubrication and proteins that help keep the eyes protected and comfortable.
In addition to the name change, the Company's trading symbol, effective on April 18, 2005, will be changed from CDED to INCA.
CareDecision also announced that it has renewed and extended an earlier debt instrument with Pinnacle Investment Partners, LP, who as part of the renewal, has also provided $400,000 in additional capital in connection with a particular acquisition contemplated by CDED.
NEW YORK -- Interested Parties Are Reminded That CDED is Featured on the Let's Talk Stock Show Every Sunday in July at 11:30am EDT in the Largest U.