CDEFControl Definition (function)
CDEFChinese Democracy Education Foundation (San Francisco, CA)
CDEFCentre de Doctrine d'Emploi des Forces (French: Forces Employment Doctrine Center)
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6 illustrates, cyclanes and NAs are the largest group components in CDEFs from FS and LK respectively, whereas NAs are predominant in CDEF from HD.
33], were detected in CDEFs (Table 3), and all NAs were observed in CDEF from HD (Fig.
20], were detected in CDEFs (Table 4) and all IPs were observed from CDEF from FS (Fig.
Twenty one of them were observed in CDEF from FS (Fig.
Large amounts of NAs and cyclanes along with small amounts of IPs, alkenes, AAs and OOCs are detected in CDEF from FS.
2]Br moiety can be observed in FTIR spectra of OSSs from FS and HD, but no organobromines were detected in CDEFs from FS and HD using GC/MS, implying that the -C[H.
Figure 2 shows total ion chromatograms (TICs) of all CDEFs.
Organic compounds (OCs) identified in CDEFs account for 15.
In all, five OOCs were detected in CDEFs (Table 8), including a phenol (peak 7), two esters (peaks 9 and 18), an alkanone (peak 15) and an alkanoic acid (peak 21).
The mutation of the CDEF virus is similar to the original CDEF virus, with only slight differences existing in the code.
From highest to lowest were ABDD, DDEF, DDFF, DDEE, ABEF, ABFF, AADD, CDEF genotypes (all of which exceeded 800 g).