CDFICommunity Development Financial Institutions
CDFIColor Doppler Flow Imaging
CDFICommunity Development Finance Initiative (various communities)
CDFICareer Development Facilitator Instructor (South Carolina)
CDFICaspar David Friedrich Instituts (German: Caspar David Friedrich Institute; Greifswald, Germany)
CDFICenter for the Development of Functional Imaging (University of Alabama at Birmingham; Birmingham, AL)
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Through our more than USD1bn investment in CDFIs and our small business banking referrals, there's potential to provide more capital to help small businesses grow across the nation,' said Andrew Plepler, Corporate Social Responsibility executive, Bank of America.
The CDFIs that participate in the CDFI Bond Guarantee Program are at the cutting edge of community development finance.
Today's awards highlight how much the CDFI program has contributed in its 20-year history toward building a strong network of CDFIs across the country," CDFI Fund Director Annie Donovan said.
CDT immediately utilized $24 million under the CDFI Bond Guarantee Program, the largest use of the program by any organization so far, to support the acquisition of a $41 million affordable housing loan portfolio from the California Community Reinvestment Corporation.
One such program is the CDFI Fund, which is part of the US Treasury.
When you put money into a CDFI as an individual, your contributions are tax deductible, as most are registered 503(c) organizations.
In addition to the technical requirements under the Code and regulations, the CDFI Fund provides a set of rules to which each CDE must adhere.
ROC USA Capital--or Resident Ownership Capital LLC--was established in 2008 and is also a certified CDFI.
MSIF chief operating officer Lisa Greenhalgh said: "MSIF's role as the CDFI for Merseyside is a vital one.
The CDFI Fund does not collect data that could identify the portion of the subsidy channeled to businesses, such as data on credit pricing, transaction fees, and the amount of equity left in businesses.
Treasury Department's CDFI Fund (which also certifies institutions as CDFIs), they are by definition privately owned and usually locally controlled.