CDFMCultural Development Foundation of Memphis (Tennessee)
CDFMColor Doppler Flow Mapping
CDFMComputational Dynamic Fracture Mechanics (Dept of Aerospace Eng, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India)
CDFMCertified Defense Financial Manager
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We surpassed the 7,000 threshold of active CDFMs early in the year and now stand at approximately 7,200 (13% of the 54,000 defense financial managers (FMers)).
Also, since participation in our National PDI is more limited than it was several years ago (obviously due to funding and other considerations), for some of our active CDFMs and others who will not be able to attend, our Virtual PDI 2014 is still available and contains approximately 100 hours of learning content for only $99.
Capt Stu Churchill, CDFM, is the Military Assistant to the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Financial Management and Comptroller at the Pentagon, Washington DC.
We encourage our civilian FM workforce to grow in professionalism by participation in formal credentialing programs, such as the CDFM, among others.
Also, and very importantly, ASMC is working to develop virtual CDFM training "by competency area" that chapters can use in luncheon and Mini-PDI training events.
CDFM resource managers (RMs) in the Department of Defense (DOD) are using Lean Six Sigma (LSS) to manage DOD-level organizational change and development to link communications with everyday business solutions.
I get goose bumps right now by just remembering the incredibleness of that moment," said Marcel Godbout, cultural agent with the CDFM for this event.
Pem Smith, CMA, CFM, CDFM, ASQ, CSSGB, is the senior program manager at General Dynamics Information Technology.
The obvious choice in our career field is the CDFM.
Holding the CDFM and other certifications certainly opens doors for advancement.
I also believe we will see increased numbers of individuals seeking CDFM certification, and ASMC is in the process of updating the CDFM exams.
The Air Force funds quotas for FMers to attend the Enhanced Defense Financial Management Training, a one-week course that prepares individuals for the CDFM exam.