CDHCConsumer Driven Health Care
CDHCCommunity Dental Health Coordinator (American Dental Association)
CDHCCanadian Deputy High Commission (immigration; Lagos, Nigeria)
CDHCCommunity Development and Health Care Centre (Galachipa, Bangladesh)
CDHCConsumer Directed Home Care (client directed service program)
CDHCCommunity Dental Health Certificate
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2006) reviewed studies assessing the effects of CDHC on cost and quality that have followed the HIE.
However, CDHC plans may not meet equitable criteria because these plans tend to favor children and healthy individuals while women and sick individuals face escalating health care costs.
The theme of the conference "It's all about-growing CDHC Revenue" included a keynote address on Healthcare Reform by Steve Parente, PHD, an associate professor in the Department of Finance in the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota and Dave Randall, Executive Director, CDHC Institute based in Washington, DC.
The Conference Board report suggests that many consumers shy away from CDHC plans because they find information about them too complex or confusing.
The hallmark of CDHC is a high deductible policy combined with a saving account, advanced Internet decision tools, and other creative benefit structures to incite participants to become more conscious of their health and more aware of the costs and benefits of various healthcare services.
Monthly Median Health Care Costs Without CDHC Plans Employee Institution Employee only coverage $84 $326 Employee plus family coverage $309 $714 With CDHC Plans Employee only coverage $75 $314 Employee plus family coverage $284 $673
Rather, we contacted organizations that already had a consumer-driven plan in place by January 2002 so as to provide a complete year's worth of experience with CDHC.
HighRoads was also recognized in this year's CDHC Solutions "Solutions Superstars 2012" awards program as the "Most Effective Solution Provider," for its smart phone app that allows employers to provide legally-compliant SBC materials to plan participants on a mobile device.
If you know of a CDHC program being deliberated in your state, please feel free to reach out to govaffairs@adha.
Jenna Linden helped coordinate oral health education and care for more than 2,800 people last year while serving on two CDHC temporary assignments, one in Vermont and one in Florida.
They're a reason we say CDHC stands for "consumers don't have a clue" only half-jokingly.
The latest CDHC claims administration 5655 Lindero Cyn software for FSAs, HRAs, and HSAs, Rd, Suite 403 offering the most sophisticated Westlake Village, CA 91362 integration opportunities.