CDIRChartered Director (job title)
CDIRClassless Inter-Domain Routing
CDIRCell Death Inhibiting RNA (genetics)
CDIRCumulative Damage Index Right Engine
CDIRChemical Demilitarization and Installation Restoration
CDIRChannel Distribution Information at the Receiver
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El analisis con LISREL, planteando la ecuacion estructural del Uso de Internet (USOINT1), conduce a que la variable CDIR es menos significativa, cuando ambas variables CDIR y CIND estan incluidas en el modelo.
It supports class A address space and has an 8 CDIR block in router mode, and provides cable operators with remote management access via Telnet, HTTP, HTTPS or SNMP, secured by Radius authentication.
The CDIR program has delivered additional compute power to Credit Derivative traders and significantly reduced the time needed to recover from a hardware failure down to minutes while adding capacity on demand -- without rewriting existing applications.
I Conveyor 8B1 preventive maintenance - Replacement of eroded head pulley, defective fluid coupling of size CDIR 584, in conveyor 8B1.