CDMLClaris Dynamic Markup Language
CDMLCOBOL (Common Business-Oriented Language) Data Manipulation Language
CDMLClimate Data Markup Language (computing)
CDMLCarbon Dioxide Membrane Lung
CDMLContra/Country Dance Markup Language (computer language)
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A partial listing of this year's technical sessions include: Migrating FileMaker Solutions: Maximize Your Benefits and ROI; The New Horizons of FileMaker; Best Practices for FileMaker Security; Creating Your First XSLT Stylesheet; User Interface Design for FileMaker Pro; Moving Your Web Solutions from CDML to XSLT: An Introduction; Migration: The Advantages of Keeping Current; Conversion Techniques & Benefits for Users/Developers; Integrating FileMaker Within the Greater IT Environment; How to Build Relational Solutions with FileMaker Pro; Fundamentals of Relational Design: Planning for Success; Overview of FileMaker Web Technologies; Configuration Options for FileMaker Web Publishing; Getting the Most from Instant Web Publishing; FileMaker Integration with External Systems.
A partial listing of this year's technical sessions include: Creating XSL style sheets with FileMaker Pro; Constructing a FileMaker Security & Privilege Management System; CDML vs.
FileMaker Developer 5 supplies documentation and examples for XML as well as APIs like JDBC, ODBC, CDML and the External Function plug-ins.