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CDNContent Delivery Network
CDNContent Distribution Network
CDNCrédit du Nord (French bank)
CDNCentre Dramatique National (French: National Drama Center)
CDNCall-Disconnect-Notify (Cisco)
CDNCanadian Dairy Network
CDNCertified Dietitian Nutritionist
CDNCoupling Decoupling Network
CDNCircuiti Diretti Numerici
CDNCertificat De Navigabilité
CDNCertified Dialysis Nurse
CDNConsolidated Data Network
CDNCooperation and Development Network (Italy)
CDNCôtes-Des-Neiges (Montreal district)
CDNCentre de Documentation Nationale
CDNCiag dalszy nastapi (Polish: To Be Continued)
CDNControl Directory Number
CDNCDR Discrepancy Notice (NASA)
CDNcompressed dial number (US DoD)
CDNCommunity Day Nursery (UK)
CDNCoordinates Definitions and Notations
CDNCall Processing/Database Node
CDnComplete Divine (roleplaying games, Dungeons & Dragons)
CDNConnect Direct Network
CDNCompetitive Digital Network (Canada)
CDNCompressor Discharge Nozzle (jet engine)
CDNConsolidated Dial Network
CDNChanged Dimension Notification
CDNCall Delivery Node
CDNCommon Dialog Notification (Windows programming)
CDNCentre de Normalisation (French: Standardization Center)
CDNCommission du Dividende Numérique (French: Digital Dividend Commission)
CDNCustomer Defined Network (Nortel)
CDNCentrum Doskonalenia Nauczycieli (Polish: Teacher Training Center)
CDNChicago Daily News (newspaper; Chicago, IL)
CDNChinese Domain Name
CDNCodeGear Developer Network (newsletter; Borland)
CDNCentral Daily News
CDNCounty District Number (Texas)
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has declared a quarterly shareholder dividend of CDN 0.
Use an HTML Redirect command to tell the browser to go to the CDN server (call it CDN.
Federation is an incredibly disruptive, game-changing force, and federated CDN is just the beginning: and we'll be launching new federated products and services in the not-too-distant future.
The announcement of RawFlow's partnership with ChinaCache follows announcements of strategic partnerships with other major CDNs, namely Tiscali Business in Germany (16.
Read a comprehensive analysis of the CDN provisioning segment from 2002 through 2006 with forecasts for 2006, with a special section on UGV bandwidth pricing, media player format share and historical market share estimates for the major CDNs by content category (audio and video).
SAVVIS' implementation of the AMD Opteron processor in its global CDN have further improved an already good situation," said AdMedian Manager Brian Lematta.
The break out of streaming traffic delivered by format (as reported by the CDN specialists) includes Windows Media at 58.
CDN $519,025 in finder's fees will be paid on the placement to various brokers and finders who assisted in the placement.
It is intended to provide buyers of media delivery services with guidance on industry pricing, best practices, and engagement methodologies that can be used to balance CDN costs with required service levels.
AdMedian identified SAVVIS' CDN as the best qualified to support AdMedian's rapidly growing online advertising and soon to be launched publisher business.