CDNCChinese Domain Name Consortium
CDNCCloud Droplet Number Concentration (physics)
CDNCComputer-Aided Design Numerical Control
CDNCCongenital Dense Nuclear Cataract (ophthalmology)
CDNCComplement-Dependent Neutrophil-Mediated Cytotoxicity (immunology)
CDNCCell Density Negative Control
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CDNC was established in Beijing by four Network Information Centers (NIC) in the Chinese speaking community -- CNNIC, TWNIC, HKIRC and MONIC in 2000.
Professor Shian-Shyong Tseng, Co-Chairman of CDNC emphasized that "CDNC welcomes Afilias to the CDNC and looks forward to working closely to further the growth of Chinese Domain Names.
Mohan noted that "Membership in CDNC will provide Afilias with an excellent platform to exchange ideas and to initiate collaboration with other registries.