CDNICommittee for the Defence of National Interests (Laos)
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While the CDNI working group isn't looking to define new protocols for acquiring content across CDNs or even protocols and algorithms for intra-CDN operations, it is tasked with finding ways to deliver content to an end user across multiple CDNs.
It is generally desirable that a given item of content can be delivered to an end user regardless of that end user's location or attachment network," the CDNI working group webpage notes, adding that this approach "creates a need for interconnecting (previously) standalone CDNs so they can interoperate and collectively behave as a single delivery infrastructure.
Using existing IETF protocols for transport and message exchange, the CDNI working group has recently submitted specification for CDNI logging, control, request routing, and even metadata continuity.
Para investigar la posible asociacion entre el habito de compartir los instrumentos empleados para inhalar drogas y la transmision de la infeccion por el VHC se realizo un estudio transversal con 182 CDNI que no habian consumido drogas inyectables con anterioridad y asistian a un centro de tratamiento de adicciones en Sevilla, Espana.
La asociacion entre la infeccion por el VHC y la mayor edad de los CDNI puede ser el resultado del efecto acumulado por un tiempo mas prolongado de exposicion al virus.