CDNNCyber Diver News Network
CDNNCultural Diversity Network North (UK; est. 2003)
CDNNContext Dependent Neural Network for Continuous Speech Recognition (publication)
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I would need some type of optical sight for this project, and CDNN is my source for budget-priced optics.
Key to the performance, low power and low memory bandwidth capabilities of CDNN is the CEVA Network Generator, a proprietary automated technology that converts a customer's network structure and weights to a slim, customized network model used in real-time.
Phi Algorithm Solutions, a member of CEVA's CEVAnet partner program, has used CDNN to implement a CNN-based Universal Object Detector algorithm for the CEVA-XM4 DSP.
Most AR magazines are made from aluminum, but I wanted to try a steel-body magazine, so I ordered a FN brand steel body magazine from SGN advertiser CDNN Sports for $12.
I installed an extended charging handle release that I had bought from SGN advertiser CDNN Sports for the low price of $8.
I don't know why CDNN sells collapsible HK stocks for $100 when everybody else on the planet sells them for three-and-one-half times that.
To raise the scope up to a comfortable height I used a set of Weaver see-through high-rise rings (#49512) that I also got from CDNN for the low cost of $9.