CDOMChromophoric Dissolved Organic Matter
CDOMColored Dissolved Organic Matter
CDOMCumulative Days on Market (real estate)
CDOMCentro Deportivo Olimpico Mexicano (Spanish, Mexican government agency sponsoring olympic participation)
CDOMCatholic Diocese of Memphis (Memphis, TN)
CDOMContinuous Days on Market (real estate)
CDOMCommission Départementale des Objets Mobiliers
CDOMCertified Data center Operations Manager
CDOMClube Desportivos Dos Olivais E Moscavide (Portuguese sports club)
CDOMChemical Demilitarization Operation Manual
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Due to the fact that in natural waters CDOM is a rather indeterminate mixture of dissolved organic substances, it is extremely difficult to determine individual organic compounds therein by analytical methods (Dera 1992).
The Parnu River brings large amounts of cDOM into the bay from the surrounding peat excavation areas, which makes the water close to river inflow brownish and usually less transparent than the water in deeper parts of Parnu Bay.
According to the results, the main factor influencing the light attenuation in water was CDOM.
d](490) are strongly influenced by CDOM that overshadows the actual relationship between Kd(490) and Cph.
1) is located just at the river mouth where the water should contain large amounts of CDOM.
The amount of CDOM was much higher at the river mouth (point 38) than in the open lake (point 2) (Fig.
PAR] was higher in early spring and summer, when the amount of CDOM was also higher (Fig.
The attenuation of Brown type is especially high at shorter bands (>450 nm) due to the absorption by CDOM.
Although lake ice captures a very small fraction of dissolved matter from the parent water, in humic lakes CDOM content can become significant.
In general, higher concentrations of CDOM were detected at the stations that were located in the open part of the bay.
The concentrations of chlorophyll a, suspended particulate matter, coloured dissolved organic matter, and oil products and the measured surface temperature and salinity Chl, [micro]g SPM, mg CDOM, mg Station [L.
We have committed to the not-for-profit Board of Directors of FCP and CDOM that we will work toward solidifying their existing services, afford them access to our clinical expertise and bring our back-office and management experience to grow the business in both states.