CDPACalifornia Disabled Persons Act (equal access law)
CDPACalled Party Address
CDPACapture Division Packet Access
CDPAChronic Disease Prevention Alliance (Canada)
CDPACalifornia Department of Personnel Administration
CDPACanadian Deafened Persons Association
CDPAComité Départementale de Prévention de l'Alcoolisme (French: Departmental Committee for the Prevention of Alcoholism)
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163) Further, English courts have interpreted the moral rights provisions of the CDPA narrowly, which further limits the impact of the CDPA's moral rights sections.
With help from Eatons Corporate Environment, Health and Safety staff, our CDPA Electrical facility in Sumter was able to integrate new work processes and awareness training into existing Eaton business processes, said Kevin Charles, manager, interim facility Environment, Health and Safety, Eaton.
To qualify for fair dealing under the CDPA, the use must first and foremost be 'fair'.
La primera seccion de este ensayo explica los fundamentos de los derechos morales a la luz de la Convencion de Berna, mientras que en la segunda parte se mueve la discusion al Common Law en el Reino Unido, en particular la CDPA.
The position summarised there--that the authorship of a work is distinct from its fixation--is supported by other aspects of the CDPA and particularly by the definition of an author as the 'creator' of a work and not as the person who either 'made' or 'recorded' it.
As a result, the CDPA 1988 now requires that where a person uses a computer program under an agreement, any term or condition in the agreement shall be void if it prohibits or restricts a) the right to make necessary back-up copies, b) the right to decompile a program or the use of any device or method to analyse the ideas and principles which underlie any element of the program or is c) for the purposes of lawful use, the copying or adapting of a computer program or d) a lawful use prevented by a contract enforced by DRM.
Recommendation 10a: Amend Section 42 of the CDPA (Copyright, Designs and Patents Act) by 2008 to permit libraries to copy the master copy of all classes of work in a permanent collection for archival purposes and to allow further copies to be made from the archived copy to mitigate against subsequent wear and tear.
16) Presentacion del Comite Asesor Regional de Comercio Exterior CARCE y el Centro de Desarrollo Productivo de Alimentos CDPA en el IV Encuentro Nacional Emprendedores.
Next, the extent to which p2p music file-sharing represents an infringement under the terms of the CDPA (exclusive of any effect of the ECHR) is examined.