CDPACalifornia Disabled Persons Act (equal access law)
CDPACalled Party Address
CDPACapture Division Packet Access
CDPAChronic Disease Prevention Alliance (Canada)
CDPACalifornia Department of Personnel Administration
CDPACanadian Deafened Persons Association
CDPAComité Départementale de Prévention de l'Alcoolisme (French: Departmental Committee for the Prevention of Alcoholism)
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As a result, the CDPA 1988 now requires that where a person uses a computer program under an agreement, any term or condition in the agreement shall be void if it prohibits or restricts a) the right to make necessary back-up copies, b) the right to decompile a program or the use of any device or method to analyse the ideas and principles which underlie any element of the program or is c) for the purposes of lawful use, the copying or adapting of a computer program or d) a lawful use prevented by a contract enforced by DRM.
50A of the CDPA 1988, as introduced by the amending Regulations which implemented the 2001 Information Society Directive.
That has been taken to refer to uses which would be 'permitted acts'--in other words, the provisions to be found within the Fair Dealing chapter within the CDPA.
Its use in relation to back up copies is only for very limited circumstances, much more limited than those found within the Fair Dealing chapter of the CDPA.
The EU revisions to the CDPA that will void contractual clauses in certain circumstances therefore have limited application due partly to judicial interpretation, and partly due to the narrowness of the legislative provisions themselves.
Previously, section 296 of the CDPA treated As a copyright infringement the making, importation, sale, hire, offering, exposing or advertising of devices designed to overcome copy-protection (or the publishing of information to help people overcome copyright protection).
64) Rule 13(2) provides that "it is immaterial whether or not the database or any of its contents is a copyright work" under the CDPA.
The rest of the cabinet was named on September 16, 2008 and is composed of members of the RPT, the CDPA, the CPP, and civil society.
30(3) of the CDPA would have applied such that a sufficient acknowledgement need not have accompanied the derivative work (supra note 148).
5 30 Z-4310EP 17 95 30 Table 4--compound recipe HNBR polymer/s 100 N-774 black 40 ZnO 3 Trioctyl trimellitate 5 CDPA 1.
2 SiH crosslinking agent (Silorpren U730) Table 6--formulations of HNBR compounds containing fumed silica, precipitated silica and carbon black Ingredient 1 2 3 4 EXP Aerosil Aerosil Silica 200VS R 974 V N234 HNBR (Therban A3406) 100 100 100 100 Precipitated silica 40 (EXP silica) Hydophilic fumed silica 40 (Aerosil 200VS) Hydrophobic fumed silica 40 (Aerosil R974 V) Carbon black 40 (Corax N234) Plasticizer 5, ZnO 2, MgO 2, CDPA, 1.