CDPCCapital District Psychiatric Center (Albany, New York)
CDPCComité Européen pour Les Problèmes Criminels (French: European Committee on Crime Problems)
CDPCCredit Derivative Product Company
CDPCCommunicable Disease Prevention & Control
CDPCCity Discipleship Presbyterian Church (Malaysia)
CDPCCaribbean Data Processing Center
CDPCCommunity Development Programs Center
CDPCCascade Doberman Pinscher Club (Snohomish County, Washington)
CDPCCanadian Decompression and Pain Center (Ontario and British Columbia, Canada)
CDPCCombat Diseases of Poverty Consortium (Ireland)
CDPCCarter-Chan Dance Performance Center (New Zealand)
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When aggregated across all 12 items, only 39% of the sample studied used all the CDPC resources offered to them.
El analisis factorial exploratorio por el metodo de componentes principales y con rotacion varimax mostro que el instrumento, CDPC, recoge 13 dimensiones que explican el 62,15% de la varianza total.
El gasto en servicios ambulatorios y preventivos represento la mayor proporcion del CDPC y esta fue significativamente mayor en los hogares afiliados (10,8), en comparacion con los no afiliados (3,6).
He continued to say that the termination letter from CDPC sent a year ago in order to "renegotiate the financial arrangement between the two institutions and have AMCH bear more of the burden.
The CDPC and its Committee of Experts on the Criminalisation of Acts of a Racist and Xenophobic Nature committed through Computer Systems (PC-RX) were handed the task of preparing the additional protocol, dealing in particular with the following issues:
The Primus CDPC, Primus Financial Products, began operating in 2002 and at its peak was managing a $24 billion portfolio of primarily investment grade credit risk with 34 global bank and financial institution counterparties.
In addition to carrying out market and field research, approving harvest plans, predicting the harvest figures, and regulating the policies for stocks, the CDPC will administrate Funcafe, a fund established during the IBC's tenure.
In particular, the CDPC business model and capitalization are based on counterparties' willingness to transact on an uncollateralized basis without the use of 'mark-to-market' triggers.
The CDPC is a joint government and private entity designed to fill the vacuum created by the extinction of the Brazilian Coffee Institute (IBC) six years ago.
Members of the new CDPC attended the opening session and also toured the Cerrado farms.
the Special Commission recommended the formation of the CDPC.
com, Fitch is currently in the process of reviewing its rating methodology and model assumptions for all new issue CDO ratings and CDPCs that use similar methodologies.