CDPCCapital District Psychiatric Center (Albany, New York)
CDPCComité Européen pour Les Problèmes Criminels (French: European Committee on Crime Problems)
CDPCCredit Derivative Product Company
CDPCCommunicable Disease Prevention & Control
CDPCCity Discipleship Presbyterian Church (Malaysia)
CDPCCaribbean Data Processing Center
CDPCCommunity Development Programs Center
CDPCCascade Doberman Pinscher Club (Snohomish County, Washington)
CDPCCanadian Decompression and Pain Center (Ontario and British Columbia, Canada)
CDPCCombat Diseases of Poverty Consortium (Ireland)
CDPCCarter-Chan Dance Performance Center (New Zealand)
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CDPCs are structured-finance operating companies that invest in portfolios of credit risk by serving as counterparties to other financial institutions for credit-default swaps (CDS).
He continued to say that the termination letter from CDPC sent a year ago in order to "renegotiate the financial arrangement between the two institutions and have AMCH bear more of the burden.
The Spokesperson for CDPC, Jill Daniels (from OMH), was unavailable for comment.
Noting the complexity of the issue, the Committee drafting the cybercrime Convention decided that the Committee would refer to the CDPC the issue of drafting an Additional Protocol to the Convention.
Now, for the first time since the IBC, the CDPC is developing a program for marketing Brazilian coffee internationally.
Currently, Fitch rates five CDPCs (listed below), three of which are considered 'active' as they have written meaningful amounts of protection via CDS contracts.
Given the uncertain business prospects for CDPCs, the limited number of active entities, and the limited market interest in ratings in this sector, Fitch is withdrawing its ratings on the five CDPCs it rates.
the Special Commission recommended the formation of the CDPC.
Unfortunately, like many other things in Brazil, politics prevailed and through behind the scenes negotiations, rural and some special interest groups were able to convince the authorities to reduce the CDPC Council to 12 members (6 government and 6 private).
com, Fitch is currently in the process of reviewing its rating methodology and model assumptions for all new issue CDO ratings and CDPCs that use similar methodologies.