CDPFChina Disabled Persons Federation (Beijing, China)
CDPFCatalyzed Diesel Particulate Filter (automotive technology)
CDPFCanadian Data Processing Facility (Quebec, Canada)
CDPFChristian Democratic Popular Front (Moldova)
CDPFCivic Development and Partnership Foundation (Yerevan, Armenia)
CDPFCountry Development Policy Framework (various countries; Canadian International Development Agency)
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She said one positive thing CDPF has already noticed is that there is much work to be done to increase awareness among the youth, and though it was not one of the festival's essential goals, it will become a main target for future activities.
Yehia Al-Sharqi, head of CDPF, said the festival is taking place in Sana'a's Change Square because most of the activities carried out by civil society organizations are presented in the form of workshops and meetings within the same audience, who are the members of the same organizations or they are young activists.
Intesar Al-Shawafi, the head of the programs at CDPF, said the films are produced by foreign organizations working alongside CDPF to show these films to others and make an evaluation of the results after the festival.
Moreover, the CDPF shows that the elasticities of output with respect to labour and capital have positive effect on the gross value added and are statistically significant from zero in all types in 1989/90, 1994/94,2000/01 and 2005/06.
The results of CDPF show that the OAMEs, NDMEs and DMEs of elalsticities of labour and capital have positive effect on the gross value added and are statistically significant and different from zero during the pre-reform and the post-reform periods (Tables 2-7), whereas the elasticity of labour is found to be not significant with unexpected negative sign, particularly in the case of OAMEs at state level and DMEs at industry level in 1984/85.
The degree of returns to scale can be estimated from the CDPF production function by taking the summation of elasticities of labour ([alpha]) and capital ([beta]) inputs used in production.
The CDPF function is used for computing marginal productivities of labour and capital for each type of enterprise in the unorganised manufacturing sector which are estimated by differentiating partially with respect to labour and capital from equation (2).
The CDPF has had hundreds of thousand of workers in all levels, from central government to every community and village," said Ping Yali, who won China's first Paralympic gold in 1984.
Yuan Yanping, a judo champion in Beijing, was discovered during a morale-boosting visit to her university by district CDPF officials after she lost her sight in 2004.
Within ten days of the disaster, CDPF teams spread out through Sichuan, bringing food and water along with medical professionals and equipment.