CDRCChild Development and Rehabilitation Center
CDRCCommunity Dispute Resolution Center
CDRCCalifornia Dispute Resolution Council
CDRCCorporate Debt Restructuring Committee (Central Bank of Malaysia)
CDRCComprehensive Drug Research Center
CDRCCriminal Defense Resource Center
CDRCConsumer Disputes Redressal Commission (India)
CDRCCareer Development and Resource Center
CDRCCIESIN Data and Research Center
CDRCCoordinated Disaster Response Center
CDRCControlling Device for Retarder Control
CDRCCapital District Retriever Club
CDRCCongressional District Republican Committee
CDRCCoro Drammatico Rentao Condoleo
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The CDRC promotes negotiation and mediation in domestic or international business and commerce, and encourages the use of negotiation and mediation among business and law students.
Finally, there was limited information on data checks completed by the OCR for the CDRC, which may be addressed by future iterations of the data collection.
Another good resource is the CDRC, which has extensive experience in assisting with the development of IDPs and helps employees look at their careers strategically and develop specific objectives to reach goals and incorporate OJT.
CDRC advised us it's far too dangerous to go to Tacloban at the moment and we could make more of a difference if we go instead to Kalibo, where almost 20,000 homes have been destroyed and people are camped in 10 evacuation centres run by CDRC," said Kingsley.
The CDRC became a vital partner in that work," she said.
The establishment of the CDRC was made possible by a competitive award from the Colorado Works Statewide Strategic Use Fund (SSUF), which provides funds to local projects that support vulnerable Colorado families and communities in innovative ways.
The CDRC provides an unrivaled level of service and investment expertise and promotes economic growth by investing EB-5 capital in job-creating enterprises throughout the City of Dallas.
The funds committed to the CDRC - the City's foreign investment program - will partially finance construction of Zang Triangle, a $30 million multi-family development in North Oak Cliff.
As a result of the new CDCR operating contract, the original lease expiration date on the McFarland Facility of April 28, 2008, was extended to accommodate the term of the new CDRC operating contract.
Encore Enterprises is proud to be working with the CDRC to bring this call center to Dallas," said Patrick Barber, president and CEO, Encore Enterprises, Inc.
and abroad, the National Arbitration Forum relies on the hard work and dedication of the CDRC as it promotes the practice of ADR in a fair and effective manner for the citizens of California.
The CDRC will increase awareness of the actual levels of disparities in child protection services to county department managers.