CDRICentral Drug Research Institute (India)
CDRICooperative Digital Resources Initiative (ATLA)
CDRICambodia Development Resource Institute
CDRIChihuahuan Desert Research Institute
CDRICampbell DeLong Resources, Inc.
CDRICancer Data Registry of Idaho
CDRICalifornia Dispute Resolution Institute
CDRICommunity Development and Regulatory Improvement Act of 1994 (US)
CDRICanine & Detection Research Institute
CDRICourt Dispute Resolution International
CDRICentre de Recerca i Difusiò de la Imatge
CDRICharles Darwin Research Institute
CDRICanadian Dental Research Institute
CDRICentre for Disability Research and Innovation
CDRICrop Disease Research Institute
CDRICentre Départemental Ressources Informatiques
CDRICommunication Design and Research Institute
CDRICalendar of Documents Relating to Ireland
CDRIConseil des Relations Internationales
CDRIClimate Data Research Institute
CDRICrohn's Disease Research Inc.
CDRICreative Direct Response International
CDRIClearinghouse for Dam Removal Information (Water Resources Center Archives at the University of California, Berkeley, CA)
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Zangara highlight the breadth of research on CDRI 08, to which Soho Flordis International (SFI) continues to commit significant ongoing research efforts in order to deepen the understanding of the cognitive health benefits of KeenMind on memory and concentration, age-related cognitive decline and learning retention.
Further, the minister announced the formation of a National Centre for Laboratory Animals in the CSIR- CDRI new campus conforming to national and international guidelines.
It is interesting that in his presidential address to Indian Science Congress in 1948 he pleaded for the establishment of a Central Institute of Drug Research (helping establishment of CDRI at Lucknow in 1951) and raising the retirement age of medical personnel to 65 years.
We are thankful to CDRI Lucknow and SICART Vallabh-Vidhyanager for analysis work.
Special thanks are also due to CDRI, Lucknow, Intertek, Mumbai and TIFR, Mumbai for allocation of time for various analyses.
CDRI and its collaborators will deploy post-genome technologies including rational drug design and medicinal chemistry, chemical genomics and systems biology to support efficient preclinical discovery and development programs.
Authors thank the Director, CDRI, Lucknow, for his encouragement and support.
The authors are thankful to Head, RSIC, CDRI, Lucknow for analytical and spectral data.
CDRI purchased a six-processor SGI Altix 350 system, two SGI(R) Origin(R) servers, a Silicon Graphics(R) Octane(R) visual workstation and 1 terabyte of disk storage via SGI InfiniteStorage TP9100.
CDRI will oversee the research and link it to the wider community of policymakers, private sector, and civil society in the Greater Mekong region and ASEAN.