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CDSCContingent Deferred Sales Charge
CDSCCommunicable Disease Surveillance Centre
CDSCConnecticut Down Syndrome Congress
CDSCCommunications Distribution and Switching Center (NASA)
CDSCCable Distribution and Switching Center
CDSCCustom Data Services Cabinet (4ESS)
CDSCCombat Data System Center
CDSCCampus Development and Space Committee (Florida State University)
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Many states have organized initiatives to promote the development and implementation of CDSC programs in schools (Sink & MacDonald, 1998; Martin et al.
MassMutual Evolution's CDSC schedule has been reduced from five years to four.
Professor Noah is a consultant epidemiologist at CDSC.
Ill travelers may have been more likely than healthy travelers to respond to the tour operator's request to contact CDSC.
A CDSC is the sales charge that mutual fund companies impose on investors who sell/redeem their Class B shares within a certain period after purchase.
Class C shares usually do not impose a front-end sales charge on the purchase but they are often subject to a CDSC if sold within a short time of purchase, usually one year.
Class I: No initial sales charge or CDSC, generally available to corporate & institutional investors with a minimum initial investment of $5 million.
Address for correspondence: Rachel Chalmers, PHLS CDSC (Wales), Abton House, Wedal Road, Cardiff CF4 3QX, United Kingdom; fax: 44-1-222-521-987; e-mail: rachel.
Effective February 3, 2014, for John Hancock Floating Rate Income Fund and John Hancock Short Duration Credit Opportunities Fund, the CDSC rate imposed on Class A shares will be lowered from one percent to 0.
The data returned to CDSC were entered onto an Epi-Info database (4) and validated by means of double data entry.
Maintenance services CDSC, strong currents, SSI, low current and intrusion of technical facilities and equipment sites ICC Paris Ile-de-France and CCI Essonne.
Serologically confirmed cases of Lyme borreliosis should be voluntarily reported to CDSC by the primary laboratory that referred the patient's specimen for confirmation, but reporting has been incomplete.