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CDSCContingent Deferred Sales Charge
CDSCCommunicable Disease Surveillance Centre
CDSCConnecticut Down Syndrome Congress
CDSCCommunications Distribution and Switching Center (NASA)
CDSCCable Distribution and Switching Center
CDSCCustom Data Services Cabinet (4ESS)
CDSCCombat Data System Center
CDSCCampus Development and Space Committee (Florida State University)
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This paper reports the mean scores for the subscales of Whole-Group Instruction and Activities, and their correlations with Chinese children's development outcomes as measured by the CDSC, while controlling for parental education as the proxy of the socioeconomic status of the family.
At that point, when the CDSC no longer applies, Terri's B shares will become A shares, with an annual 12b-1 fee of only 0.
Many states have organized initiatives to promote the development and implementation of CDSC programs in schools (Sink & MacDonald, 1998; Martin et al.
Despite the ASCA's active campaign to promote awareness of the benefits of a CDSC program, many professional school counselors have not yet instituted a comprehensive, developmental school counseling program in their schools.
CDSC evolved into a form of sales load that enabled load fund marketers to have their cake and eat it too.
The DITC is specifically charged with evaluating the implementation of MoD policies on the training environments for new recruits and trainees (those receiving professional and technical training) and examining the main issues identified in the DHALI grid; DHALI is the name given to the collective recommendations on welfare and duty of care in the armed forces made by three reports: one by the Director of Operational Capability, one by the CDSC and the ALI's Safer training.
William Erie, Deputy Executive Director, CDSC, will become the interim executive editor of the journal until a permanent replacement for Dr.
The CDSC will run two-week public announcements to disclose information concerning reported damages to identify other complainants.
As well as a local-authority presence, WFMF currently has representatives from PHLS in Wales, CDSC Wales, FSA Wales, and the Local Authorities Coordinators of Regulatory Services, as well as an academic with expertise in hazard analysis critical control point (HACCP) methods.
In addition, heterologous DNA probes from several sources were surveyed: 21 barley cDNAs (BCD), 32 bermudagrass gDNAs (pCD), 37 johnsongrass cDNAs (pSHR), 250 maize cDNAs (CSU), 28 maize gDNAs (BNL and UMC), 52 pearl millet gDNAs (M, UGT, QH, and OPC), 105 rice cDNAs (C and RZ), 88 rice gDNAs (G, L, RG, V, and Y), 29 sorghum cDNAs (HHU), 148 sorghum gDNAs (pSB and SHO), 29 sugarcane cDNAs (CDSB, CDSC, and CDSR), and 46 oat cDNAs (CDO).
We are extremely positive about the involvement of Chris McSorley and his brother Marty, " said CDSC secretary Andy Jones.