CDSEClub des Directeurs de Sécurité des Entreprises (French: Security Companies Directors Club)
CdSeCadmium Selenide
CDSECombined Defence Services Examination (Indian Armed Forces)
CDSECommunity Development and Support Expenditure (New South Wales, Australia)
CDSECareer Development and Student Employment (University of Hawaii)
CDSECommunity Development South East (UK)
CDSEChild Development Special Education (university curriculum; various locations)
CDSECryptologic Direct Support Element
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This group is facilitated by the library, has members from local government, education and nongovernment organisations, and successfully sought funding from a local club through the CDSE scheme.
Would the CDSE items as conceptualized in the United States be relevant and operative in determining condom use for Brazilian students?
For the purpose of the present study, focus group discussions were organized to explore, through qualitative methods, the issues that were raised by the CDSE.
Specifically, we examined the effect of independent self-construal (independent-oriented goal pursuit cognitions), CDSE (sense of competency), and perception of educational barriers (lack of environmental supports) on the life satisfaction of Mexican American women attending a Hispanic-serving institution (HSI).
CDSE is the degree to which one feels confident in the ability to successfully manage tasks in choosing and committing to a career (Taylor & Betz, 1983).
More specifically, we intended to examine whether family socioeconomic status (SES) affects an individual's CDSE positively.
In addition to familial and parental influences, we were interested in investigating whether individual personality traits play an important role in determining an individual's CDSE.
explored CDSE as a mediator between core self-evaluations and vocational
through CDSE for males, they had a direct and an indirect effect for
Taylor and Popma (1990) reported a moderate negative relationship between locus of control and CDSE (i.
Fortunately, CDSE is malleable and can be increased by workshops specifically developed to help students with career decision-making difficulties (Fouad, Cotter, & Kantamneni, 2009; Scott & Ciani, 2008).
Adequate support for the construct validity of this scale has been established through correlations between CDSE and vocational identity (Betz et al.