CDSOcollateral duty safety officer
CDSOcounterdrug support office (US DoD)
CDSOCALS Digital Standards Office
CDSOConsumer Dental Services Organization
CDSOCrude Degummed Soy Oil
CDSOChief Drug Strategy Officer
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The Bloomberg CDSO function addresses the growth of the CDS options market and provides a powerful tool to help price these instruments.
The release of the CDSO page on Bloomberg allows market participants to refer to a standard options pricing tool for index credit options.
In demonstrating its unique Software-as-a-Service ("SaaS") solution, Park City Group positioned its CDSO and, more specifically, its Scan Based Trading platform as a means to align our wholesaler/grocer operations with the interests of our supplier community.
I am delighted that Associated Retail Stores has recognized the potential of our proprietary CDSO platform offers to drive higher returns across its retail store base," said Randall K.
When we started the calendar year our goal was to add six additional retailers to the network of retail customers using our CDSO platform.
Bamboo Telecom's network operation in Malaga performs double duty by providing CDSO with a compelling demonstration center for prospective customers.
We expect our partnership with CDSO to be especially successful because they combine the skills of channel fulfillment, system integration and a network operator into a single organization," said SkyPilot's president and CEO, Bob Machlin.