CDSOAContinued Dumping and Subsidy Offset Act of 2000
CDSOACape Dory Sailboat Owners Association (various locations)
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Bypassing the usual committees through which subsidy and dumping matters usually travel and without any significant Congressional debate, the CDSOA was inserted at the midnight hour by Senator Byrd into an agriculture appropriations bill.
Instead of enjoining the Government from making CDSOA distributions with respect to the antifriction bearing order at issue, however, the CIT determined that the Government could easily strike the unconstitutional portion of the law.
The CDSOA, however, requires a producer not just to do something if it is to receive funding, but also that it say something--namely, that it supports the petition.
Excluding the after tax impact of the CDSOA payment and the discrete tax benefit, net income would have been $13.
These cases dealt with a number of issues that have been on the court's docket in prior years, including cases involving the CDSOA, zeroing, and the Reseller Policy.
One concern is that the CDSOA offers dual protection for U.
litigation as to whether the CDSOA itself was constitutional (that is,
Commenting on this announcement, Prillaman said, "As you know, we received a substantial amount of cash from CDSOA proceeds in the second quarter.
We need CDSOA to ensure that our antidumping order has its intended effect.
Management believes that net income attributable to the Timken Company and diluted earnings per share, adjusted to remove: (a) tax expense on cash repatriation; (b) reversal of income tax reserves; (c) Steel separation-related costs; (d) severance due to cost-reduction initiatives; (e) gain on sale of real estate in Brazil; (f) charges due to plant closures; and (g) CDSOA expense (receipt) are representative of the Company's performance and therefore useful to investors.