CDTCCapital District Transportation Committee (New York)
CDTCChild Development Training Consortium (Modesto, CA)
CDTCCourse Director Training Course (various organizations)
CDTCCapital Dog Training Club (Silver Spring, MD)
CDTCCable Design Technologies Corporation (also seen as CDT; Schaumburg, IL)
CDTCControlling Device for Transmission Control
CDTCCeramics Development & Training Complex (Pakistan)
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This project is guided by CDTCs Equity Task Force and has been informed by the
According to the CDTC management, the case was being investigated by the NAB.
The other issue the Link Transit board discussed is whether sharing the space with the Chelan-Douglas Transportation Council is a conflict of interest since every grant Link Transit applies for has to go through the CDTC.
CDTC, though simple, because of the limitations like steady state ripple in torque and flux, variable switching frequency, search for PWM technique that gives an apt solution is one of the attractive areas for researchers.
Marco is committed and dedicated to the concept of dolphin-assisted therapy and enthusiastically talks about the passion he has for this therapy modality: "At CDTC, we focus on the capabilities of a child instead of the disabilities.
Dolphin-assisted therapy at CDTC is family therapy.
Established in 1983 when Broward County had one of the highest infant mortality rates in the country, CDTC began with a staff of three in a small room in Broward General Hospital and has since grown to be the largest child healthcare provider in Broward County, serving over 10,000 children with chronic illnesses and disabilities annually.
Today's recognition of Phil Fitzpatrick as the Hero of the Month is a testament to his commitment to the CDTC, and to how all individuals, organizations and businesses can partner to help make Fort Lauderdale and all of South Florida a healthy, vibrant community," commented Mr.
a portfolio company, has successfully brought CDTC Inc.
CDTC should start trading on the Pinksheets shortly.
theme park companies are turning to CDTC to develop and source products from China.
At the CDTC, Bion's biological system will treat the waste from approximately 1,000 dairy cows on this model dairy, believed to be the first facility of its kind.