CdTeCadmium Telluride
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Uda, H, Matsumoto, H, Komatsu, Y, "Interdiffusion of CdS and CdTe in Screen-printed and Sintered CdS.
Despite the travails of its main champion, First Solar, CdTe thin-film modules will remain the cheapest solar option in 2017, at $0.
KAHL AM MAIN, Germany, June 26, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES has successfully taken its product family of vacuum coating systems for use in solar technology to the next development level and has successfully introduced and installed inline sputtering system for the requirements in the photovoltaic industry for CIGS & CdTe thin-film solar cell production as well as tasks for the manufacturing of heterojunction cells.
Based on current market information, Calyxo is going to be the only meaningful CdTe producer in Europe from 2013 on and offers products to a wide range of customers, from small installers to large Megawatt installations.
Table 18: World 15-Year Perspective for CdTe Thin Film
Research and rapid further development of the Calyxo CdTe is constantly being driven ahead, in collaboration with the American parent company Calyxo USA Inc.
CdTe CIS/CIGS a-Si (Single Tandam or triple junction) amorphous/microcrystalline[a-Si/μc-Si] double junction) manufacturing process and their productions and market share;
Some specific topics discussed include metastable defect distribution in CIGS solar cells and their impact on device efficiency, industrial production of thin film CdTe PV modules, grain sizes and grain boundaries of chalcopyrite-type thin films, quantum efficiency measurements to deduce non-ideal solar-cell features, and electron-backscatter diffraction of photovoltaic thin films.
5N Plus has renewed its existing CdTe supply agreement and CdTe by-products recycling agreement with First Solar up to end-March 2019.
FirstSolar will utilize Intermolecular's High Productivity Combinatorial (HPC[TM]) platform, designed to increase the performance of CdTe solar cell technology.
Initially dominated by a-Si thin film PV cells, the market is now shifting towards CdTe and CIS/CIGS based thin film PV cells.
and GE's Power Conversion business have joined hands for growing more cost effective and productive utility-scale PV power plant design, which merges First Solar's thin-film CdTe modules with GE's ProSolar 1.